About Us

It’s nice to meet you

Parth Naik
Max Wang
Max, our creative director, is from a city in China where used to have snow every year. He grew up playing snowball fight with his friends. Max has such a great memory of snowball fight so that he wants to bring a video game about it to life, to anyone who loves it, or anyone has no chance to experience it in real life.
Parth, our development director, is from a city in India where has no snow at all. But, after his first snowball fight in Europe, he was very happy and wanted everyone to experience it. By making Snow Brawlers, he wants to deliver this experience to everyone, no matter where they come from.
Bernardo Marquez
Shujian Zhang
Shujian, our technical director, is from a city in southern China where has snow only in every few years. In his memory, kids there always expect a snowy day in winter, so they can play snowball fight. He wants to let kids like him can enjoy the happiness of snowball fight any time by playing Snow Brawlers.
Bernardo, our animation and audio programmer, is from Venezuela; of course Venezuela has no snow. Unlike the other team members, he is the only one who has never experienced a single snowball fight. He wants to know how it feels badly so he is in the team and helping to make Snow Brawlers come true.